Sources for Sea Glass

Here  is a question I am often asked “should I buy sea glass to use for jewelry?”  There isn’t any real clear answer to this question.  There are many factors to consider when trying to make a decision. 

The first question is; what is the availability of sea glass near you?  Some people are land-locked and have no access to a body of water where they can find glass themselves. So this question has an easy answer.  The next question is; what will be the cost?  You are going to pay somewhere around $3.00 each for sea glass large enough to make a nice pendant .  Smaller pieces of sea glass are obviously less expensive and can be used for things like earrings and bracelets.  How does paying for sea glass fit into your overall business plan?  You need to take into consideration other costs, such as wire and embellishments,  necklace or cording. What is the final cost of a piece to you and what is your sale price?

There are many online sellers that sell good quality authentic sea glass. You may be able to make a business arrangement to buy in bulk which will save you money.  However you decide to source your glass just enjoy the creative process of making sea glass jewelry. If you want to see beautiful sea glass jewelry visit